Distributor of the Year – Lake Pro, Katy, TX

We are pleased to announce that for the second year in a row, Lake Pro, Inc., has achieved top honors as the largest distributor of  Aqua Control, Inc. water features both in the United States and internationally. Lake Pro is an industry leader providing urban lake management & maintenance, aquatic weed & vegetation control, pond management and treatments. They also provide fish & lake stocking, fishery management, fish assessments, water quality monitoring, feeders, fishery survey and fertilization programs to the greater Houston area. Lake Pro features Aqua Control display fountain & aeration system sales, installation and service.

Lake Pro joined the Aqua Control Distribution Network in 1998 and has achieved 7 Distributor of the Year titles in 15 years. To say they are a top asset to Aqua Control would be an understatement. Lake Pro knows our products almost as well as the team at Aqua Control does and that is no small feat with such a diverse product line.

Please join us in congratulating James ‘Macky’ McIntyre  (owner) and his team on yet another year on the top!



"I personally would like to congratulate and thank all of you for raising the bar on fountain quality. Aqua Control is not only a trend setter in not doing things just because, "that's the way we've always done it." Aqua Control also has the vision and foresight and courage to step out of the box and dare to take a chance."

Wayne Bell
ClearWater Engineering, LLC

6 Wolfer Industrial Dr, Spring Valley, IL 61362

(815) 664-4900 / [email protected]