A Homeowner’s Dream – The Evolution Series

The Evolution Series is the perfect solution for small ponds and residential users for many years. Combining beauty, function and price with the simple installation, this fountain is an exceptional value in the water features market.
The Evolution Series Fountain is ideal for small ponds. It can operate in as little as 20” of water and aerates up to a ½ surface acre pond. This makes it the perfect choice for your backyard pond, or small HOA Retention Lake. When shipping this unit from our facility, we make it convenient and easy. The fountain ships mostly assembled in one box, reducing the time and hassle of assembly. The unit ships with a motor control box, complete with a GFCI, and timer. The plug in and go operation of the Evolution is a great selling point. It runs off standard 120V electricity, costing approximately 7 cents an hour to operate. One person can easily install this fountain, definitely a homeowner’s dream! The motor on the Evolution Series requires minimal maintenance, which is a great time saver! This easy to use, simple to install design has made this unit an inexpensive way for homeowners and HOA’s to adequately provide aeration for their ponds.

Cluster Arch with 3W LED Lighting

The Evolution Series has additional accessories that you can purchase to further beautify and customize an already amazing fountain. The standard fountain comes with the Tornado Spray pattern and the ability to provide the bubbling, high aeration Torrent Pattern. Aqua Control also offers the option of purchasing up to 6 additional nozzles for a variety of spray patterns. Along with some great spray patterns to change up your fountain, you can also add LED lighting to illuminate the pattern at night. The 3W, 4-light stainless steel LED light set has been a staple in Evolution Series Lighting since 2009, and has proven to be a unique and valuable addition to the Evolution Fountains. The 9W, 4-light stainless steel LED sealed fixture light set is a low maintenance option offered only in our Evolution Series Fountain, and while being new to our Evolution Lighting Line, are performing beautifully. Aqua Control offers 3W and 9W LED lighting in a variety of colors. Cool White, Warm White, Amber, Blue, Green, and Red are all available in both 3W and 9W. These brilliant lighting choices are simple to install, and cost less than 1 cent an hour to operate making lighting an affordable addition to your fountain.

Stationary Evolution with 2′ Gusher Pattern

In addition to the floating fountain, Aqua Control also offers the Evolution Series in a Stationary Fountain. The Stationary design is built with a stainless steel adjustable stand. This stand can sit inside the water basin or be bolted to the structure. The same nozzles offered for the Evolution Floating Fountain are available for the Stationary Evolution along with three additional patterns: the Gusher 2, Gusher 4 and Gusher 6. The minimum water basin depth required for the Evolution Stationary Fountain is 20” and you can raise the stand to a maximum of 27”.  Stationary Evolution Fountains can also utilize both our 3W and 9W lighting, just as the Floating Evolution series does.

No matter which Evolution Fountain you choose, floating or stationary, you cannot go wrong with the beauty, function and affordability that the Evolution Series can offer for you.

For more information on Aqua Control’s Evolution Series, visit our website at www.aquacontrol.com or contact Aqua Control for your local distributor.

"We just installed our new fountain and the water in our pond began clearing almost immediately."

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