Entering a New Era – The Endur Series

Aqua Control Inc.’s founder, chief engineer, and president, Willis Dane, has raised the bar in the water features industry yet again. After more than 4 years of development, the Endur Series Display Aerators and Fountains (patent pending) are set to continue ACI’s progressive impact on the water features industry.

The Endur Series Display Aerators & Fountains focus on a high-caliber motor design smartly matched with the best of the Select Series and Select Series 2 pump components. Willis set about to design the Endur Series with one simple goal, to create a long lasting, submersible water feature motor. He sought to create a motor that would offer a superior life span and thus solve the longevity problems often associated the current water feature motors on the market. Willis could identify that the failure of most water feature motors was due to a single seal design. The popular single seal design left motors very vulnerable to permanent failure as a single seal does not allow for any back-up protections once the seal is compromised.

Willis eradicated this concern with the Endur Series. The Endur Series motor boasts 3 individual mechanical seals. The first (outer) and second (intermediate) seals are composed of a highly abrasion resistant SiC/SiC mechanical seal. The third (inner most) seal is a long life SiC/Carbon mechanical seal. In between each seal pair is a large oil filled reservoir specifically designed to capture any water or debris that may enter the reservoir if a seal failure occurs. The design of these reservoirs allows water and debris to be trapped at the bottom of the reservoir, therefore keeping any foreign materials from coming in contact with the seal within the compromised reservoir.

Another integral piece of Willis’s design was finding a high-quality, long-lasting synthetic oil that offers excellent high and low temperature performance to meet the needs of Aqua Control’s customers in all climates. This oil is also readily biodegradable and safe for use in marine environments as Aqua Control strives to be environmentally responsible.

At Aqua Control, we are so confident in the new Endur Series design that we have launched it with a 6 year warranty*. This is the longest warranty yet to be offered in the water feature industry!

Contact Aqua Control today and let us help you bring performance, appearance, and longevity all together in one with our Endur Series Units!

*Endur Series is currently only available in 60Hz North American markets.


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