Successful Distribution – Lake Pro, Inc. 2013 ACI Distributor of the Year

Lake Pro in Katy, Texas has once again been honored as 2013 ACI Distributor of the Year. They have been one of the leading Aqua Control Distributors since the partnership started in 1998. Their success has made them the #1 Distributor of Aqua Control Water Features for 6 of the past 12 years. We decided to ask them about their processes in order to offer insight into what it takes to be a successful distributor of Aqua Control Products.


James “Macky” McIntyre, owner of Lake Pro Pond and Lake Management Service, has been caring for lakes and ponds in the Houston area for over twenty years. He is an Aquatic Fishery Biologist with experience in all facets of lake development and maintenance. He has assembled a staff of highly trained professionals who evaluate and maintain lakes and ponds for over 180 communities and HOA’s in Houston and the surrounding areas.

Operations Manager, Steve Arrington, is an Aquatic Biologist who has been with Lake Pro for over fourteen years. His extensive experience in lake management makes him a valuable asset to the Lake Pro Team. Patrick Kohleffel, Lake Pro’s Field Service Manager, started with the company thirteen years ago. He worked his way up through the organization. Patrick maintains close relationships with Lake Pro Customers to ensure their continued satisfaction.

Lake Pro’s Management Team has employed an impressive group of field technicians and biologists to implement their vision in the community. They are backed by a professional administrative staff that provides top-notch customer service. Lake Pro’s success is achieved and maintained through the combined efforts of their versatile staff.


The Water Feature Market in Texas is diverse. In order to close the sale, it is vital to make Aqua Control Water Features stand out to the end-user as the superior product. When bidding on water features it is important to know your competition. Make sure you are prepared to not only present the benefits of Aqua Control Water Features, but also be prepared to inform the customer about the disadvantages that may be associated with the competitor’s products.

Macky sited this example; Aqua Control units 2HP through 10HP have the capacitors housed inside the control panel on the shore. This makes them easy to test and fast to change if there is a problem. Some competitor’s designs have the capacitors located inside the oil-filled power units. If they fail, the unit has to be pulled and disassembled. The pump needs to be taken to the shop where the oil will be drained, the capacitors changed, the seals replaced, and the oil refilled. This can be a time-consuming and costly process.

Aqua Control has done some of this research for you. Our distributors are provided with a sales manual that details some of the differences between Aqua Control Water Features and the major competitor brands. We provide this and other tools in order to help you in your sales pitch. Please make use of these resources and remember that Aqua Control Customer Service and Technical Support are a highly educated group of professionals who pride themselves on providing first class service to our distribution network. They are always available to assist you.

Customer Service

Lake Pro’s hands-on approach earns their customer’s trust that they are invested long-term. Members of their friendly staff visit locations regularly to test, inspect, clean, and repair the equipment. This preventative maintenance helps to reduce the down-time some customer’s experience. Regular fountain cleaning and control panel monitoring can also help to maximize the life-span of Aqua Control Water Features and aid in the prevention of premature motor failure. Lake Pro has taken this commitment one step further. They maintain several temporary Aqua Control pumps. These pumps are installed as a courtesy to their customers when units are sent to the factory for assessment and repair.  

Product Loyalty

Lake Pro maintains and repairs all types of water features. However, when customers are interested in purchasing a new unit, they quote Aqua Control Water Features. In the hot, windy Texas climate, their most popular unit is the Select Series 5HP 2-Stage Display Aerator. The thick streams, clean patterns, and high pumping rates provide beautiful displays and help maintain healthy ponds. The great aesthetic appeal of Aqua Control Display Aerator Patterns draw the customer in and the significant pumping rates keep the customers coming back. Per Macky, “The product is the best it’s ever been now.”


"As always, your customer service is above anything that I could ask for and I truly appreciate everything that you all do for us."

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