About Aqua Control


Aqua Control, Inc. (ACI) was founded in 1970 as a manufacturer of floating Aerators and Fountains. We have remained committed to extensive engineering to develop new innovative products with an emphasis on pumps that produce high volumes & high pressures, therefore capable of producing large patterns. In more recent years, having reached pump design & efficiency goals, ACI has refocused on motor longevity & providing affordable pump components. These focuses have led to the creation of the Select Series 2™ Display Aerators & Endur™ Series Fountains and Display Aerators. When combined with our highly engineered & efficient nozzles, Aqua Control offers uniquely beautiful spray patterns with superior aeration capabilities.


  • Evolution™ Series – 1/2HP Fountains
  • Select Series 2 (SS2™) – 1HP to 7.5HP Display Aerators
  • Endur™ Series – 2HP to 5HP Display Aerators & Fountains
  • Select™ Series – 1HP to 7.5HP Display Aerators & Fountains
  • Titan™ Series – 7.5HP to 40HP Fountains
  • Stationary Series – 1/2HP to 40HP Display Aerators & Fountains
  • Lake Bed Diffused Aeration
  • Pond Bottom Circulators – 1HP to 3HP
  • Shallow Pond Diffused Aeration
  • Waterfall Pump Systems – 1HP to 40HP
  • Water Quality Products


Aqua Control’s mission is to continually research & develop industry leading water features while providing our customers with the highest quality customer service & technical support in the industry through company teamwork, knowledge & education. This mission is built off of our dedication to promoting the health & appreciation of Earth’s most precious resource, water.

"Thank you for all that you have done to help out Palm Beach Aquatics. We here are all very grateful for everything you do."

Jason Levis
Palm Beach Aquatics

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