Shallow Pond Aerators

Aqua Control’s Shallow Pond Diffused Aeration systems are energy efficient and inexpensive to purchase. Designed to aerate and degas water bodies as small as ornamental backyard ponds or ponds up to two surface acres, these pumps operate only in water bodies less than 6 feet deep (2 meters).

60 Hz Shallow Pond Diffused Aerator Instruction Manual

50 Hz Shallow Pond Diffused Aerator Instruction Manual

Shallow Pond Diffused Aerator Warranty


Shallow Pond Diffused Aeration SystemsDiffusers IncludedApproximate Pond Surface Area
(sq. ft.)
Approximate Pond Volume
60Hz 120v / 50Hz 230v
60Hz / 50Hz
Max CFM Air OutputNoise Level
180,0000.8 / 0.4438 / 381.732
SP2028,000360,0001.6 / 0.9471 / 713.736
SP30312,000540,0002.1 / 0.72100 / 1005.345
SP40424,0001,080,0003.4 / 1.2 250 / 2108.248

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