Bowl Fountains

This product offering uses a custom pump and spray nozzles to create heavy flow and wind resistant water features in small water basins / bowls. Only available in 1/2 HP and 1 HP.

Features & Benefits

  • Bowl Fountains use a custom pump and spray nozzle to create heavy flow and wind resistant spray patterns
  • Available in 1/2 HP and 1 HP only
  • Two spray patterns are available: the MultiArch and the 2-Tier MultiArch (in Narrow, Medium and Wide Widths)
  • Can operate in as little as 18″ of water
  • No piping or vault required
  • Control Panel included
  • Lighting, wind control, water level control and other optional upgrades are available
  • Electrical Quick Disconnect is standard with all units for ease of installation
  • Units can be purchased in the colors of tan, black, or swimming pool blue
  • Bowl Fountain pumps cannot operate Stationary Aerator or Stationary Fountain spray nozzles

60 Hz Bowl Fountain Warranty

Nozzle Name
Splash Dia.
Min. Water
Depth of
1/2MultiArch Narrow5'6'18"8
1/2MultiArch Medium5'7'18"10'
1/2MultiArch Wide5'9'18"12'
1/22-Tier MultiArch Narrow5' / 3'6'18"8
1/22-Tier MultiArch Medium5' / 3'7'18"10'
1/22-Tier MultiArch Wide5' / 3'9'18"12'
1MultiArch Narrow9'7'18"12
1MultiArch Medium9'12'18"15'
1MultiArch Wide9'15'18"18'
12-Tier MultiArch Narrow9' / 6'7'18"12
12-Tier MultiArch Medium9' / 6'10'18"14'
12-Tier MultiArch Wide9' / 6'12'18"16'

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