Our commercial or professional grade aeration system. A limited lifetime warranty on the outdoor enclosure is standard. This system allows for up to six diffusers. Oversized exhaust fans to vent heated compressor air is just one of the features that sets this product apart from the competition.

Aerial mapping service, GPM and electrical cost calculators available via the Aqua Control Website.


  • Powdered Coated Aluminum Outdoor Enclosure features a Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • 24 Hour Timer
  • 6″ high-output cooling fan included
  • 24″ x 24″ x 3″ Polypropylene Equipment Base comes standard with every cabinet eliminating the need for a footing at site


  • 1/2 HP Dual Piston Oil Free Compressors
  • Quiet operation – Rated at less than 65 decibels
  • Maintenance kits available to optimize life expectancy
  • Compressors feature a 2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

AirPod™ Diffusers

  • Diffuser Membranes are self-cleaning
  • Diffuser Bases are self-weighted
  • Check Valves incorporated to prevent backflow
  • Diffusers release air inches from the pond bottom while still preventing disruption of settled organics
  • Alternative Disc Diffuser Membranes are available
  • Diffuser Membranes feature thousands of minute holes to optimize smaller air bubbles, entraining more water and creating greater volumes of water movement
  • Diffusers feature a 5-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Anchorline™ Self-Weighted Air Tubing

  • Lead-free construction
  • 3/8″ ID Tubing for shorter runs
  • 5/8″ ID Tubing for long runs and maximum efficiency
  • AnchorLine™ Self-Weighted Air Tubing features a 15-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

What are the benefits of an Aqua Control Aeration System?

  • Increases water clarity
  • Eliminates foul pond odors
  • Prevents fish kills by increasing oxygen levels
  • Eliminates thermal stratification
  • Reduces nutrient and associated algae levels
  • Reduces mosquito hatches

Lake Bed Aerator Instruction Manual

Lake Bed Aerator Warranty

60 hz Specifications

Lake Bed Aeration SystemsAirPod Diffusers IncludedAmps @ 120VAmps @ 230VAirflow CFM @ 15 PSIGPM PumpedkW
AirPro 116.6
AirPro 226.63.348,3000.42
AirPro 336.63.3412,5000.42
AirPro 4413.26.6816,5000.84
AirPro 5513.26.6821,0000.84
AirPro 6613.26.6825,0000.84

50 hz Specifications

Lake Bed Aeration SystemsAirPod Diffusers IncludedAmps @ 230VAir Flow m3/h @ 1.0 BarGPM PumpedkW
AirPro 112,95,336000,42
AirPro 222,95,371000,42
AirPro 332,95,3107000,42
AirPro 445,810,6142000,84
AirPro 555,810,6180000,84
AirPro 665,810,6215000,84

"I personally would like to congratulate and thank all of you for raising the bar on fountain quality. Aqua Control is not only a trend setter in not doing things just because, "that's the way we've always done it." Aqua Control also has the vision and foresight and courage to step out of the box and dare to take a chance."

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