Select Series 2 Display Aerator - Torrent


The Torrent is an Aerator as opposed to a Display Aerator. It creates a maximum volume, white boil, of highly aerated water. This allows it to achieve the maximum possible GPM and aeration for each horsepower. The very high flow rate maximizes aeration and circulation while producing a minimal surface pattern. The extreme bottom-to-top circulation and the highest oxygen transfer rates make this a preferred selection if pond health is the primary concern and a minimal surface pattern is desired.

It makes an excellent de-icer that will keep a large area of water open in freezing weather. Because the minimal surface pattern height is very low and the flow constantly covers the float, ice cannot accumulate on the float so winter maintenance problems will not be created. The Torrent must be operated continually if it is operated in freezing temperatures. The minimal surface height also prevents excessive wind driven spray while keeping some water open for waterfowl and fish. If winter activities occur on the lake, operation may compromise the thickness and stability of the ice that develops around the perimeter of the open water and could create a safety hazard. Available in stationary and floating configurations.

60 Hz Specifications

Height (ft.)Diameter (ft.)Output (GPM)Min. Operating Water Depth (in.)Single PhaseThree PhasePower Usage

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