2014 Aqua Control Distributor of the Year

The numbers are in and Lone Star Fountains of Coppell, TX is Aqua Control’s 2014 Distributor of the Year! This is not a new title for Lone Star though. Lone Star joined the ACI Distribution Network in 1998 and became one of our top distributors that same year. They have maintained their rank over the past 17 years and captured 8 ACI Distributor of the Year titles in the 13 years ACI has recognized the title.


In 1991 long time aquatic resource management veteran, Bill Wingo, started Magnolia Fisheries, a full service aquatic resource management company. Bill holds a Masters in Freshwater Fisheries Science and a deep passion for aquatic resource management. By 1997 Bill saw a need to expand into the water feature industry. Bill understood that pond aeration is the key to increasing water quality in the ponds and lakes he manages. To meet that need Bill chose Aqua Control to provide high quality aeration units with high pumping rates to create better water quality for his clients. Thus, Lone Star Fountains began as an extension of Magnolia Fisheries. Lone Star, like Magnolia Fisheries, is strategically located in Coppell, TX with a mission to provide the entire Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area with high quality, long lasting products that serve both beauty and function.

In 2003, Bill’s brother-in-law, Stan Carter, joined the Lone Star Fountains team where he is now a co-owner. Stan came to Lone Star Fountains & Magnolia Fisheries with an Agriculture Engineering Business degree and a strong background in commercial catfish production. Stan quickly stepped up to the plate at Lone Star Fountains and runs the day to day operations with a fluid efficiency.

Together, Bill & Stan have built Lone Star Fountains into an industry leader and top Aqua Control Distributor. Lone Star Fountains’ full range of services include; pond & waterfall design, product installation, fountain & aerator maintenance, repair & replacement services and fountain & water aeration products.
The Key to Success? Service that sets the industry standard.

Company co-owners, Bill Wingo and Stan Carter, have decades of experience in lake management. This invaluable experience has led them to understand that the key to success in the water feature industry goes beyond the initial feature sale. A happy customer will often become a repeat customer and valuable referral tool. While clientele often prefer the distinct patterns that Aqua Control Water Features offer, the key to maintaining customer satisfaction often boils down to repair response time. Lone Star maintains a large facility dedicated to fountain and aeration service and repairs. They keep a large inventory of motors, pump and electrical components and stocked service vehicles to minimize and even eliminate down time on Aqua Control products. Their staff is extensively trained to service, troubleshoot and repair Aqua Control products and backed by Aqua Control Technical Support and Customer Service. They have mastered the art of one trip servicing, eliminating frustrating down time and unnecessary repeat mileage and service charges.

Aqua Control places so much faith and value in Lone Star Fountains that we often call upon them to assist us in testing and trialing new products. This gives them a sneak peak at what is in development at Aqua Control and valuable hands on experience with product before it hits the market. Further ensuring that they are ready to confidently sell and service every product that Aqua Control has to offer.

If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, or any part of mid to northern Texas for that matter, stop by their website, http://lonestarfountains.com/, and check them out! You will not be disappointed by any services that Lone Star Fountains provides! We are proud to call them a top distributor and recognize them as the 2014 Aqua Control Distributor of the Year! 

"Thank you for all that you have done to help out Palm Beach Aquatics. We here are all very grateful for everything you do."

Jason Levis
Palm Beach Aquatics

6A Wolfer Industrial Dr, Spring Valley, IL 61362

(815) 664-4900 / info@aquacontrol.com