Dec. 2018 Newsletter

Ron Given’s Retirement

We are at once delighted and disheartened to announce that Ron Given is retiring. His last day will be Dec. 21. Ron has been a tremendous employee. He is gifted with a keen technical mind and a cooperative nature. Ron has been an integral part of Aqua Control’s technical support for 12 years and has been invaluable making sure our distributors and customers receive the best support possible. In addition to troubleshooting over the phone and via email; Ron has completed several remote training sessions, countless service seminars, and a few recent webinars. Ron’s plans are to travel. We wish him well as he takes a long and much-deserved vacation.

Luke Sondgeroth – New Tech Support employee

We are pleased to announce the recent hiring of Luke Sondgeroth to the position of technical support for Aqua Control products. Luke comes to us from a 15 year career in Information Technology. He lives in Granville IL with his wife, daughter, and three dogs. Luke’s hobbies include woodworking, technology, and camping adventures with his family. When you have technical issues with your Aqua Control products, Luke will be here to help solve them.

Distributor Portal

A feature of our website that recently went live is our Distributor Portal: Using the portal, you’ll be able to find all of the resources you need as an Aqua Control distributor. The portal is divided into three sections: announcements, document library, and videos.

The “Announcements” section will have any important announcements from Aqua Control. The “Documents” section contains all of the support documents that you will need: price books, the sales manual, the service manual, the specifications manual, and marketing materials. The last section in the portal are “Videos” which will have videos from Aqua Control including any webinars, training videos, and videos of installations submitted to us by distributors.

If you haven’t received an email with account information, please contact Chad and he will make sure your account is set up.

For your convenience, we also have a tutorial booklet on our Distributor Portal that covers how to log in, the content found in the portal, and how to reset your password. That booklet is available HERE.

FAQ Page

We get a lot of questions at Aqua Control. Many of those questions are asked again and again by different people. We took those questions and assembled a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on our website: We have answers to questions ranging from “What is the difference between a fountain and a display aerator?” to “How do I size the supply cable from the power source to the control panel?”

Online Warranty Registration

One of the initiatives that we are implementing at Aqua Control is the reduction of paper records and the increased use of digital records. To that end, we have started to accept online product warranty registrations. To fill out this form, visit the following page on our website:

Pond Treatment

Aqua Control offers the PREDATOR line of year-round pond and lake treatment. Our Predator products are a dry, probiotic formula enhanced with mesophilic microorganisms and select stimulants to ensure optimal performance in specific temperatures. When used together, our Predator products promote a balanced aquatic ecosystem and rapid recovery from both adverse environmental impacts and chemical treatments. There are three products to use depending on water temperature: Thermal 78°+, Glacial 41°-64°, Natural 60°-77°

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