Selecting the Perfect Spray Pattern


One of the biggest decisions to be made when purchasing a display water feature is the spray pattern. It may seem like a trivial decision but let me tell you from experience, it is not. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when selecting the perfect pattern for your water feature installation. Don’t get overwhelmed though, we at Aqua Control are always just a phone call or email away!

Here are my top three considerations when assisting someone in picking out the best spray pattern for their application. 


Aeration or Aesthetics

I always like to start with one questions, are you purchasing this unit predominantly for aeration or aesthetics? If the answer is aeration I know to direct the customer straight toward a display aerator. If the answer is aesthetics or both then it gets a little trickier. Logically, you would think to go straight to a fountain for aesthetics because they typically feature larger, more refined, spray patterns but there are some additional considerations to make.

Height & Visibility

Do you have limitations on how high your spray pattern can be? This is a big consideration for golf courses for example. A tall & full spray pattern could impede course visibility. You may have some unhappy golfers if you put a 5HP Crown Gusher in the middle of their line of sight from tee to hole. In this case, you are better off picking a lower spray pattern. The Daffodil, Lily & Super Lily are often favorites of golf courses with their low, aerating fans.

However, sometimes height is a requirement. There are situations where a water body may have high banks or the viewing point is a considerable distance away from the installation. In these situations it is important to consider height to ensure that the pattern is visible. You will find the highest spray patterns amongst the fountains.

Wind Resistance

When considering a pattern and pattern size, also consider the wind exposure at the location. If you are installing a large feature in a small water body consider passersby who may not want to be drenched by a sudden wind gust. If wind and overspray is a concern you should lean toward the thicker spray patterns of Display Aerators. If the customer is set on a fountain spray pattern keep in mind that the streams will be thinner and more susceptible to wind. In this case, you may wish to contact Aqua Control Customer Service and discuss the option of wind control on the control panel.

Of course, wind will not always be a consideration, some locations will be naturally calm and sometimes, because of the location, a blowing spray pattern may just not matter. For these applications, the sky is the limit when selecting your spray pattern.


Once you’ve covered these points, you should have a narrowed down list of the most suitable spray pattern options for the desired unit. Now the options aren’t nearly as daunting and you can proceed in quoting with confidence that you are truly offering the best options for your customer. 

***Remember, every install is unique and additional considerations may need to be taken

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